We highly respect the autonomy of our members and provide the opportunity to choose their preferred research direction. However, the primary emphasis should remain on the domains of bioinformatics and dry experiments.

  • Postdoctoral positions are available for candidates with experience in bioinformatics (server usage or mastery of a programming language). Alternatively, candidates with a wet lab background who have published at least one SCI paper will be considered.

  • We are seeking Master’s students who are interested in both computer science and biomedical research, and are willing to learn programming (prior programming experience is not mandatory). Proficiency in English is required. Master’s students will be encouraged to dedicate more time to job-seeking after completing basic research tasks.

  • For PhD students, we are looking for candidates who possess either strong knowledge in molecular biology or programming, have undergone systematic research training, and preferably have published articles in SCI journals. Students with a wet lab background (looking to transition to dry lab work) are warmly welcomed to apply.

  • Research Assistants will be hired in accordance with relevant regulations at Hunan University.

  • Assistant Professors will be appointed based on the relevant regulations of Hunan University.


wangjk321 [AT] (replace [AT] with @)


Room 413, School of Biomedical Sciences, Hunan University, Fubuhe Road 106, Yuelu District, Changsha, Hunan

湖南省 长沙市 岳麓区 阜埠河路106号 湖南大学 生命医学交叉研究院

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