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Last Update 2024.04.01

About Wangjk lab

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Dr. Jiankang Wang is an Associate Professor at the Computational Omics Laboratory, School of Biomedical Sciences, Hunan University. Dr. Jiankang Wang received a Doctorate degree (Medicine) from the University of Tokyo and boasts many publications in esteemed journals. With expertise in both wet and dry lab experiments, he serves as the Principal Investigator in this lab. Equipped with high-performance computing machines and some wet-lab facilities, the core mission of our laboratory revolves around bioinformatics and computational genomics, with a particular focus on exploring next-generation sequencing data. Our research spans diverse areas such as epigenomics, 3D genomics, transcriptional regulation, disease genomics, bioinformatics software, machine learning, and single-cell genomics.

About Hunan University

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Hunan University is located in the culturally rich city of Changsha, China. With an esteemed reputation as a “thousand-year academic institution and a centennial prestigious school,” Hunan University proudly hold the status of a key national university under the direct supervision of the Ministry of Education. As participants in the esteemed “211 Project” and “985 Project,” Hunan University are dedicated to providing excellence in education and research, actively contributing to the national initiative of building “World-Class Universities.”


Recruit PostDoc,PhD,Master,Assistant

We warmly welcome members from various backgrounds, whether dry or wet. We invite applications for positions in Masters, Doctoral, Postdoctoral, and Research assistant roles. Our members will primarily focus on 1) developing software, algorithms, and databases related to next-generation sequencing; and 2) conducting biomedical research by mining large-scale multi-omics data. We cultivate an environment of academic freedom, respecting individual aspirations, and evaluating contributions impartially.

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Paper published

Paper by Jiankang Wang was published on «DNA Research». Title:“Churros: A docker-based pipeline for large-scale epigenomic analysis”. Read more...